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American Construction Manufacturers Will Be Something of the Past

You are worried because the American automotive industry is on the decline. You might also start worrying about large constructions manufacturers as well. The U.S. housing and construction market has taken a beating recently and it appears that the trend will continue. As the construction industry declines the need for equipment will decline as well and this could cause other problems in the American economic market.

Think of Caterpillar who has been experiencing strong growth in both Europe in Asia. They are experiencing this growth because Eastern Europe and the Asian countries are growing quickly. Thus they have a larger need for established and service orientated companies. These international treaties are constantly under threat to be replaced by other companies that can offer the product slightly more cheap.

Caterpillar experienced a slip in new orders of 12 % because the housing market dropped 22% in the United States. The company has made 220 million dollars less this year but its expenses are rising due to new internal improvement costs and the large conglomerate style. A 12% dip for a large company could easily put them into bankruptcy.

The construction industry feeds into so many other types of industries and businesses. When it declines many people will have to close up shop or lay off workers which perpetuate the cycle. These workers then affect other industries due to their lack of disposable income and other industries become impacted.

That doesn't mean we are going to have a whole decline nationwide but we are likely to find heave construction manufacturers going out of business. They have been experience 3-8% profit margins and now they are being thrown into the negative percentage points. They won't be able to downsize or recover fast enough.

Large companies often have problems downsizing because they have to deal with unions that refuse to cut wages, large buildings that no one wants to purchase in a poor market and equipment that has a limitation of use. In addition, closing a plant in a mid-size town is likely to have negative political fallout.

As the profits drop the large automotive manufacturers will have to hurry their international sales to make up the difference. If they are not prepared to do this well their decline and overhead expenses will bury them quickly. Since the size of the equipment is so large many U.S. based equipment manufacturers don't have the ability to quickly move into the international market.

Scottie Pippen Construction Company in Hamburg, Arkansas

Recently I had the chance to go visit my mother and father in Hamburg, Arkansas. Hamburg is the hometown of basketball superstar Scottie Pippen, who happens to be my uncle. He's the baby of a family of 6 sisters and 5 brothers. Scottie Pippen and his brothers recently started a construction company in Hamburg, Arkansas, Pippen Enterprises LLC, which is now developing an exclusive golf course that will be open to the public. Scottie Pippen brings new economic life back to his hometown of Hamburg, Arkansas.

Billie Pippen, Scottie's older brother says: "Pippen Enterprises LLC has added more jobs for the youth, and has turned around this town's unemployment rate." Unemployment has been high among the African American and Hispanic American neighborhoods within this town. Many of the factories that once employed many of the town citizens closed down and moved many of their factories to South America or Mexico, leaving many of these small town citizens virtually unemployable. Many of you reading this may never have heard of Hamburg, Arkansas but here is where a legend was made. It may be just another small town to you but this is Scottie Pippen's hometown. Many of the town citizens love and treat him as their own. He doesn't have to worry about people bothering him for autographs; here he can relax and enjoy his visits. Most remember him as a kid growing up around this small lofty town. Did you know Hamburg High School is the best basketball playing school in their conference since 1970? They also had many of its high school basketball players to join the CBA league and eventually Scottie Pippen striking NBA success and don't forget William Pippen, (Scottie Pippen's nephew).

Currently Scottie Pippen and Pippen Enterprises 18 hole golf course is planning on hosting a celebrity charity game. With many golf, basketball and music celebrities playing a charity benefit game. I'll keep you abreast on that matter though. This shows that people do remember where they can from no matter how successful they become in life. Many of Hamburg's senior citizens are glad to see that jobs are now returning to their town in hopes that many of the youth would decide to live in Hamburg, since most of the town's youth finish High School and move away in hope of finding employment elsewhere. Scottie Pippen has brought new hope to his hometown of Hamburg, Arkansas with Pippen Enterprises LLC with their economic development plans to help the town grow.

Building a House: How to Start the Process

There are several advantages to building a new home instead of purchasing a pre-owned home. When you build a home, you are able to have things exactly as you want: the design, layout, and costs of your new home are largely within your control.

One of the main issues with building a new home is choosing the right builder. Remember, your house will likely be the larges investment you make in your life. It is essential that you thoroughly interview every potential contractor you consider, and you need to be sure to ask about the following: .

  • Their experience, and how long they’ve been in business. It’s best to go with a contractor who’s been around for at least 5 years.

  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Are they experienced with the type of project you have in mind? Ask to see examples.
  • Ask for references. A quality contractor will be happy to provide you with the names and phone numbers of satisfied customers.

When designing your new home, be sure to get seek feedback from your builder. They may have ideas that you haven’t thought of, which will make your new home perfect for you.

When building your home, there are many design elements to consider: the budget, the amount of square footage, the types of wall finishes, interior and exterior furnishings, ceiling height, the shape, size and location of all the windows, and the style and location of kitchen and bathroom fixtures fixtures. This can seem overwhelming, but this is where having a good contractor is so important. An experienced, skilled builder will be able to guide you through the design process and help you design a living space that will work best for you!

Another issue that you’ll need to think about when building a home is the color. You have a completely clean slate when it comes to the color design: everything is up to you! This is a good thing, of course, but it can be a little intimidating. After all, you have to come up with a color for every room in your new home! Fortunately, there are color consultants who specialize in doing exactly that. Your contractor should be able to recommend one, but, again, be sure to ask for references. A good color expert will help you design a great color scheme, from the exterior walls right down to the smallest interior detail. Be prepared to spend at least a few hours meeting with the color expert.

With these details in mind, you’re now prepared to start the process of building a house. By carefully choosing your builder and color specialist, you’ll be well on your way to having a beautiful home.

How to Build a Smokehouse

When I was a child smokehouses were still common. I remember going with my grandfather to cut some bacon, ham or sausage for my grandmother to cook for breakfast. The smell of the meat is ingrained into my memory. The smokehouse had wooden poles that reached across from one wall to another. Hanging from these poles were sides of bacon, hams and shoulders, and my favorite, links of pork sausage. The taste of these meats are also unforgettable.

The process of smoking meat to preserve it has been around thousands of years and only until the advent of freezers has it become less practiced. More’s the pity. What passes for smoked meats today are mere imitations compared to the delicacies I remember. Today the meat is injected with several different chemicals to try to replicate the old methods. Water is also injected to add moisture and weight. Artificial coloring is substituted for the hours of hanging in the smoke.

By building your own smokehouse you have total control over the finished product and the curing method is also of your own choice. The old way used salt to cover the meat until most of the moisture was gone and then the meat was placed in the smokehouse to remove the remainder. Hickory, oak, pecan and even peach was used for different smoke flavorings. The amount of time needed depended on the weather conditions which was usually as cold as possible to help keep the meat from spoiling.

Any small shed can be used as a smokehouse as long as the roof is sound and cracks in the wall are available for ventilation. I designed mine to resemble a two holer out house complete with a half moon on the door. The type of wood used doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t aromatic enough to transfer the smell to the meat. I used cypress because of it’s workability and longevity and because of the beautiful gray it weathers to. Pine and fir will also work as well.

With two by fours as studs and stringers run the boards up and down, leaving quarter inch crack in the wall to allow the smoke to escape slowly. A metal or wooden shingle roof gives the smokehouse more character than asphalt shingles and are not susceptible to excess heat which may cause melting of the synthetic material.

The smoke source can be located inside or outside the structure but I would recommend outside if possible. A small smoky fire made by a mixture of green and seasoned wood smouldering in the fire box will provide enough smoke and heat to dry out the meat without cooking it. A metal or brick container placed on the bare ground will work fine but a metal firebox located outside with a pipe connecting to the smoke house is easier to tend and is safer also.

Almost all of the old timers had their own methods and preferences for curing the meat and trial and error trying the different methods is the only way to find the one that suits your particular taste. If you know someone who still remembers a particular method this can be of enormous importance in deciding the process you choose. Different areas of the country and different ethnic groups had their own methods.

If you have access to fresh pork, a smokehouse can be something that not only furnishes great tasting meats, but is also a continuation of a thousands of years tradition. Being able to produce wonderful sausages for an inexpensive price is well worth the effort and is a matter of pride in your ancestors struggle to survive.

Building a House

I'm building a house
With a good foundation
Which is the basis
For any successful creation
I'm building a house
One board at a time
And when it is finished
It will be worth my dime
I'm building a house
Slapping up the paint
Going for something
Modern, but quaint
I'm building a house
I won't forget the plumbing
And I'll put in a guest bedroom
For when visitors are coming
I'm building a house
The dining room will be spacious
I hope I can be
A host that is gracious

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